It all started for me ten years ago when I made the decision to go vegan. My quest for knowledge about the food industry started to surge and I was constantly reading about what was in our food and how the food industry had drastically changed over the years. As I continued learning about all of the horrible things that were added to our food, I then started wondering, “Well, if that is what is in our food, what is in all the rest of the products we use on a day to day basis?” Again, my quest for information continued. Book after book, article after article, I began to be appalled at what I was finding. Not only was our food toxic, so were all the products we colored and washed our hair with, the makeup we slathered all over our faces, the deodorant we put on day after day, the detergents we washed our clothes in, and the products we used to clean our houses. I could go on and on with lists, but, well, you get the point. I knew then, that I had to find a way to help others learn the truth, and through one person at a time, work to change the world into a better place.

My goal is to help make transitioning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle easier for you and your families, and to share my journey along the way.


My goal is to help make transitioning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle easier for you and your families, and to share my journey along the way. Whether you live in Chandler, Arizona and can visit our center or not, I hope that you find some wonderful information on this site that will help you live the best life imaginable. Be sure to check back often, as my team and I will be updating regularly to help you thrive! At PrimroseWellnessAndBeauty.com you will find real food recipes, beauty hacks and tutorials and how to spot toxic ingredients in your products, natural cleaning recipes and remedies, as well as a list of all the services we offer at our center in Chandler, Arizona!



While I was in cosmetology school, I worked at a salon as a front-desk coordinator. The man that owned it at the time, was a wonderful hair stylist with a large clientele. He started to develop a condition on his hands that would cause them to crack and peel, and eventually he would barely be able to close his hand into a fist. He later realized that this was a direct result of the hair color he was using on his clients day after day. To make a long story short, he quit doing hair because of this. In and effort to better understand, I began researching hair color, only to find out that most hair color brands were full of questionable ingredients such as ammonia, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulfates, and parabens (just to name a few) and that the UK was already on the bandwagon of banning 22 of these chemicals. I vowed, that day, that I was going to find a haircare line that didn’t contain these toxic ingredients. Fresh out of beauty school, I purchased a salon in August 2009 called The Pampered Pinkie.  Over the years,we have morphed into a lovely organic-inspired space where we offer organic hair color, natural and organic skincare/facials and waxing, organic aromatherapy manicures and pedicures, and more.  Simply put, being beautiful shouldn’t harm you or hurt the planet. As much as I love transforming and educating people about organic hair color or how to choose nail polishes free from the most harmful ingredients, I knew I needed to help people on a deeper level; from the inside out. I graduated in 2014 as certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. And so began the birth of Primrose Wellness and Beauty, the face of the new wellness center and salon.