Meet our new favorite salad!

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This week we whipped up a salad that we just couldn’t wait to share. The presentation on this baby is beautiful. It’s perfect for a dinner party, weekend barbeque, snack, or family meal.  

This recipe combines strawberries, cherry tomatoes, avocado, basil, sesame seeds, and cinnamon toasted almonds in a simple 2-ingredient dressing. Sounds pretty easy right?

Using basil as your leafy greens instead of lettuce, kale, spinach, or a spring mix makes this caprese salad a cut above the rest. Not only does basil keep things interesting, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, has disease-fighting antioxidants, helps with depression, supports liver function, and helps combat stress.  There’s a ton more to love about basil and it’s super-power house essential oil (more on that later!), but we’ll keep it short so you can get to cooking!


Here’s the recipe:

PR strawberry Recipe Card

Have you used fresh basil in your salads before? Have you used it instead of lettuce? Let us know if you make this salad, or if you’ve got a different combination we should know about! Use #primrosewellnessandbeauty to share with us!



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