Grounding: How to Supercharge your Well Being

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We are full swing into the New Year, a year that has left many feeling anxious, disconnected,

disorganized and scattered, as many of my clients are reporting. Many are seeking ways to reconnect

and feel purposeful as well as productive.

The first question I ask them is, “Are you grounded?” Many are unfamiliar with this concept.

Grounding and centering oneself are qualities that are easy to develop and will be extremely useful for

success in life.

We have our physical body, our spiritual body and our energetic body. Our energetic body is what gives

us the beautiful essence of who we are. When we leave the physical plane, our energetic body will go

with us as we bid farewell to our physical body.

It is critical to keep our energy inside of ourselves and not allow our precious energy to float away from

us to projects, thoughts, ideas and people.

As an instructor at a local college, many times my students are physically in a classroom but their energy

is elsewhere. This is becoming more commonplace as technology develops and we spend more of our

time sedentary and indoors. Much of our energy ends up in our devices, whether that be the television,

computer or smartphone.

Many have had the experience of driving and missing your exit, walking into a wall or arriving at your

destination and not recalling the journey there. These are all examples of being ungrounded.

There are many reasons why it is important to stay grounded and connected to the earth. Being

grounded keeps us healthy and here as well as safe and protected from picking up the energies of

others. I liken being ungrounded to keeping all of the doors and windows of one’s house open and

allowing anything or anyone to wander in. If we aren’t in our body, we aren’t living and having the

human experience.

It is also extremely difficult to accomplish tasks and goals without a grounded focus. Being present in

our bodies allows us to be aware of what is going on around us and keeps us safe from missing what is

right in front of us.

How do we get grounded? The possibilities are endless. My first recommendation is: Mindfulness.

Asking yourself, “Am I here? Do I feel my toes? How do I feel?” In my experience daydreaming is often

a sign for me that I have left myself.  Any physical exercise or walking outside will assist in grounding. Tapping on your body will reconnect your energy with your body.

Exploring and sitting in nature and connecting to the earth is very supportive in the grounding process.

Physically touching plants and trees will reconnect and ground you as well as just focusing your

attention to the nature surrounding you and imagining yourself drawing it in to you.

Nutritionally we can support ourselves by eating grounding foods such as beets, carrots, turnips,

radishes, ginger and garlic, foods that have roots that reach into the ground, anchoring it.

If your diet consists largely of sugar, caffeine and fat, it will be difficult to feel grounded.

A quick meditation in the morning is very helpful in connecting to the earth. I imagine a grounding cord

coming from the base of my spine connecting to the center of the earth. This cord not only attaches me

to the earth but also drains any negativity I encounter during the day. Each morning I visually destroy

and recreate a new cord. It seems very simple, and it is very powerful.

Taking a few minutes to breathe and ground each morning will have a tremendous positive impact on

your health, happiness and ability to be productive.


Kelly Schinker is a holistic wellness practitioner who supports others to create new beginnings when experiencing life’s transitions. She has created a step-by-step guide to building and creating your dream life and believes it is never too late to live your happily ever after.

Kelly uses her experience as a self-empowerment coach, clinical hypnotherapist and energy worker to assist individuals facing major life changes and challenges to create the life of their choice.



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